Trigger connected board data sampling

1. Obtain an API key from your project

Your project API key can be used to enable programmatic access to Edge Impulse. You can create and/or obtain a key from your project's Dashboard, under the Keys tab. API keys are long strings, and start with ei_:

2. Connect your development kit to your project

Open a terminal and run the Edge Impulse daemon. The daemon is the service that connects your hardware with any Edge Impulse project:

edge-impulse-daemon --api-key <your project API key>

3. Obtain your project's ID

Copy your project's ID from the project's Dashboard under the Project Info section:

4. Setup API Connection

Replace the PROJECT_ID below with the ID of your project you selected and enter your API key when prompted:

import requests
import getpass
import json

PROJECT_ID = int(input('Enter your Project ID: '))
AUTH_KEY = getpass.getpass('Enter your API key: ')

def check_response(response, debug=False):
    if not response.ok:
        raise RuntimeError("⛔️ Error\n%s" % response.text)
        if debug:
        return response

def do_get(url, auth, debug=False):
    if debug:
    response = requests.get(url,
                                "Accept": "application/json",
                                "x-api-key": auth
    return check_response(response, debug)

def parse_response(response, key=""):
    parsed = json.loads(response.text)
    if not parsed["success"]:
        raise RuntimeError(parsed["error"])
    if key == "":
        return json.loads(response.text)
    return json.loads(response.text)[key]

def get_project(project_id, project_auth, debug=False):
    response = do_get(URL_STUDIO + str(project_id), project_auth)
    return parse_response(response, "project")

print("Project %s is accessible" % get_project(PROJECT_ID, AUTH_KEY)["name"])

5. Get the ID of the connected device


def get_devices(project_id, project_auth, debug=False):
    response = do_get(URL_STUDIO + str(project_id) + "/devices", project_auth)
    return parse_response(response, "devices")

device_id = ""
for device in get_devices(PROJECT_ID, AUTH_KEY):
    # if device["remote_mgmt_connected"] and device["supportsSnapshotStreaming"]:
    if device["remote_mgmt_connected"]:
        device_id = device["deviceId"]
        print("Found %s (type %s, id: %s)" %
              (device["name"], device["deviceType"], device_id))
if device_id == "":
        "Could not find a connected device that supports snapshot streaming!")

6. Trigger data sampling


SAMPLE_LABEL = "squat"

def do_post(url, payload, auth, debug=False):
    if debug:
    response =,
                                 "Accept": "application/json",
                                 "x-api-key": auth
    return check_response(response, debug)

def collect_sample(project_id, device_id, project_auth, debug=False):
    payload = {
        "category": SAMPLE_CATEGORY,
        # "Microphone", "Inertial", "Environmental" or "Inertial + Environmental"
        "sensor": "Inertial",
        # The inverse of frequency in Hz
        "intervalMs": 10,
        "label": SAMPLE_LABEL,
        "lengthMs": SAMPLE_LENGTH_MS
    response = do_post(
        URL_STUDIO + str(project_id) + "/device/" + str(device_id) +
        "/start-sampling", payload, project_auth, debug)
    return parse_response(response, "id")

print("Sample request returned", collect_sample(PROJECT_ID, device_id, AUTH_KEY))

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