Organization hub

Your Edge Impulse Organization enables your team to collaborate on multiple datasets, automation, and models in a shared workspace. It provides tools to automate data preparation tasks with reusable pipelines, enabling data transformation, preparation, and analysis of sensor data at scale. Allowing anyone in your team to quickly access relevant data through familiar tools, add versions and add traceability to your machine learning models, and lets you quickly create and monitor your Edge Impulse projects for optimal on-device performance.

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Organization dashboard

To get started, follow these guides:

  • User management - to add collaborators with different access rights.

  • Data campaigns - to track and visualize all your metrics over time.

  • Data - to connect a storage bucket, to learn how to deal with such complex data infrastructure and to import your data samples into your projects.

  • Data pipelines - to chain several transformation blocks and to import data into your projects.

  • Data transformations - to run your transformation blocks and get an overview of the running jobs.

  • Upload portals - to allow external parties to securely contribute data to your datasets.

  • Custom blocks - to match any specific use cases using dedicated cloud jobs.

Health reference design

We have built a health reference design that describes an end-to-end ML workflow for building a wearable health product using Edge Impulse. It is a good tutorial to understand how we handle complex data infrastructure and discover the organization's advanced features.

Usage metrics

Existing enterprise users or enterprise trial users can view their entitlement limits via the dashboard of their enterprise organization:

Enterprise organization usage metrics

This view allows you to see your organization's current usage of total users, projects, compute time and storage limits. To increase your organization's limits, select the Request limit increase button to contact sales.

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