Himax flash tool

The Himax flash tool uploads new binaries to the Himax WE-I Plus over a serial connection.

You upload a new binary via:

$ himax-flash-tool -f path/to/a/firmware.img

This will yield a response like this:

[HMX] Connecting to /dev/tty.usbserial-DT04551Q...
[HMX] Connected, press the **RESET** button on your Himax WE-I now
[HMX] Restarted into bootloader. Sending file.
[HMX] Sending 2964 blocks
 ████████████████████████████████████████ 100% | ETA: 0s | 2964/2964
[HMX] Firmware update complete
[HMX] Press **RESET** to start the application

Flashed your Himax WE-I Plus development board.
To set up your development with Edge Impulse, run 'edge-impulse-daemon'
To run your impulse on your development board, run 'edge-impulse-run-impulse'

Other options

  • --baud-rate <n> - sets the baud rate of the bootloader. This should only be used during development.

  • --verbose - enable debug logs, including all communication received from the device.

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