The Flatten block performs statistical analysis on the signal. It is useful for slow-moving averages like temperature data, in combination with other blocks.
GitHub repository containing all DSP block code: edgeimpulse/processing-blocks.

Flatten parameters

  • Scale axes: Multiplies axes by this number
  • Average: Calculates the average value for the window
  • Minimum: Calculates the minimum value in the window
  • Maximum: Calculates the maximum value in the window
  • Root-mean square: Calculates the RMS value of the window
  • Standard deviation: Calculates the standard deviation of the window
  • Skewness: Calculates the skewness of the window
  • Kurtosis: Calculates the kurtosis of the window

How does the flatten block work?

The Flatten block first rescales axes of the signal if value is different than 1. Then statistical analysis is performed on each window, computing between 1 and 7 features for each axis, depending on the number of selected methods.
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Flatten parameters
How does the flatten block work?