Getting Started

Welcome to Edge Impulse! We enable professional developers and researchers to create the next generation of intelligent products with Edge AI. In this documentation, you'll find user guides, tutorials, and API documentation. If at any point you have questions, visit our forum.

If you are a beginner, an advanced embedded engineer, an ML engineer, or a data scientist, you may want to use Edge Impulse differently. We have tailored Edge Impulse to suit your needs. Check out the following getting-started guides for a smooth start:

If you're new to the idea of embedded machine learning, or machine learning in general, you may enjoy our quick articles: What is embedded ML, anyway? and What is edge machine learning?

Enterprise Plan

For startups and enterprises looking to scale edge ML algorithm development from prototype to production, we offer an enterprise-grade version of our platform. This includes all of the tools needed to go from data collection to model deployment, such as a robust dataset builder to future-proof your data, integrations with all major cloud vendors, dedicated technical support, custom DSP and ML capabilities, and full access to the Edge Impulse APIs to automate your algorithm development.

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Professional Plan

For professionals who want additional compute time, more private projects, and more flexibility in usage, we also offer a professional tier version of our platform.

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Suitable for any type of edge AI application

We have some great tutorials, but you have full freedom in the models that you design in Edge Impulse. You can plug in new signal processing blocks, and completely new neural networks. See Building custom processing blocks and Bring your own model.

API Documentation

You can access any feature in the Edge Impulse Studio through the Edge Impulse API. We also have the Ingestion service if you want to send data directly, and we have an open Remote management protocol to control devices from the Studio.


Edge Impulse offers a thriving community of engineers, developers, researchers, and machine learning experts. Connect with like-minded professionals, share your knowledge, and collaborate to enhance your embedded machine-learning projects. Head to the forum to ask questions or share your awesome ideas!

Public projects

Think your model is awesome, and want to share it with the world? Go to Dashboard and click Make this project public. This will make your whole project - including all data, machine learning models, and visualizations - available, and can be viewed and cloned by anyone with the URL.

We reference all the public projects here: If you need some inspiration, just clone a project and fine-tune it to your needs!

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