Open MV Cam H7 Plus

The OpenMV Cam is a small and low-power development board with a Cortex-M7 microcontroller supporting MicroPython, a μSD card socket and a camera module capable of taking 5MP images - and it's fully supported by Edge Impulse. You'll be able to sample raw data, build models, and deploy trained machine learning models through the studio and the OpenMV IDE.

The OpenMV Cam H7 Plus

Installing dependencies

To set this device up in Edge Impulse, you will need to install the following software:

Problems installing the CLI?

See the installation and troubleshooting guide.

Connecting to Edge Impulse

With all the software in place it's time to connect the development board to Edge Impulse. To make this easy we've put some tutorials together which takes you through all the steps to acquire data, train a model, and deploy this model back to your device.

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