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Keyword spotting

This is a prebuilt dataset for a keyword spotting system based on a subset of data in the Google Speech Commands Dataset. It contains 28 minutes of data sampled at 16,000Hz over three classes:

  • Yes - one second samples with only the word "yes" in it.
  • No - one second samples with only the word "no" in it.
  • Noise - longer samples (up to a minute) with background or static noise.


Research purposes

We currently do not have a good keyword spotting tutorial in Edge Impulse, mostly as we're missing a good anomaly detection block for it, so use this dataset for research purposes only. If you want to build an audio model it's easier to follow the Audio classification tutorial.

Importing this dataset

You can import this dataset to your Edge Impulse project using the Edge Impulse CLI Uploader. If you haven't done so, follow the Installation instructions.


  1. Download the keywords dataset.
  2. Unzip the file in a location of your choice.
  3. Open a terminal or command prompt, and navigate to the place where you extracted the file.
  4. Run:
$ edge-impulse-uploader --clean
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label no --category training keywords/training/no/*.json
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label yes --category training keywords/training/yes/*.json
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label noise --category training keywords/training/noise/*.json
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label no --category testing keywords/testing/no/*.json
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label yes --category testing keywords/testing/yes/*.json
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label anomaly --category testing keywords/testing/anomaly/*.json

You will be prompted for your username, password, and the project where you want to add the dataset.

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Keyword spotting

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