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This is a list of development boards that are fully supported by Edge Impulse. These boards come with a special firmware which enables data collection from all their sensors, allows you to build new ready-to-go binaries that include your trained impulse, and come with examples on integrating your impulse with your custom firmware. These boards are the perfect way to start building machine learning solutions on real embedded hardware.
Different development board or custom PCB? No problem! You can upload data to Edge Impulse in a variety of ways, such as using the Data forwarder, the Edge Impulse for Linux SDK, or by uploading files directly (e.g. CSV, JPG, WAV).
From there, your trained model can be deployed as a C++ library. It requires some effort, but most build systems (for computers, smartphones, and microcontrollers) will work with our C++ library. This, of course, requires that your build system has a C++ compiler and that there is enough flash/RAM on your device to run the library/model. Also, if you feel like porting the official Edge Impulse firmware to your own board, use this porting guide.
Just want to experience Edge Impulse? You can also use your Mobile phone!

Officially supported MCU targets

Officially supported CPU/GPU targets

Officially supported AI accelerators

Production targets

Community targets