Test and certification

You have made it to the end of the edge AI course! In the previous section, we looked at Izoelektro's RAM-1 device for monitoring power grid anomalies. The following video and written sections provide guidance on how to continue your journey in edge and embedded machine learning (ML). Scroll to the bottom of this page to take the comprehensive test and earn your digital certificate.

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Going further

The following sections offer opportunities to continue your learning journey.

AI at the Edge book

If you would like to dive deeper into many of the topics presented in this course, we highly recommend checking out Dan and Jenny's AI at the Edge book.

Hands-on experience with Edge Impulse

If you would like to try Edge Impulse, this 5 minute tutorial will walk you through the process of creating your own keyword spotting system. When you finish, you will be able to load the program onto your phone to watch the ML identify your keyword in real time.

Case studies

While we just looked at case studies from Izoelektro and Tunstall in this course, Edge Impulse has worked with companies all over the world to solve complex problems in healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, conservation, and more. You can read more of these case studies here.

Embedded ML course

Edge Impulse created a full technical course on Coursera. If you would like to learn the details behind neural networks, how to collect data, train models, and deploy them to embedded systems, we recommend taking this course. Accessing the materials on Coursera is free, and you can choose to pay for an official certificate.

University program

If you are looking to teach edge AI in your school, we recommend taking a look at the Edge Impulse university program. We offer a variety of free and open source content and example projects for you to use in your classroom.


If you have questions about Edge Impulse (or edge AI in general), you can reach out to us using one of the links here.


The following test covers material from all sections in the edge AI course. When you submit your answers, you will receive an email in a few minutes with your score. To pass, you must receive an 80% or more. You can take the test as many times as you would like. If you pass, you will receive a digital certificate via email.

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