Advantech MIC AI Series

The Advantech MIC AI Series are a collection of versatile, fanless Edge AI Boxes with integrated NVIDIA® Jetson™ by Advantech.

  • Comprehensive product portfolio comprised of NVIDIA Jetson platforms

  • Flexible I/O and iDoor enable customers to adapt to different applications

  • Industrial design for wide temperature and vibration tolerance

  • BSP support

  • Supports remote management for large scale deployment

Using your Advantech MIC AI Series device with Edge Impulse

Thanks to work done by Edge Impulse partner Scailable, the Advantech MIC AI Series is seamlessly integrated for vision-based model deployments from the Edge Impulse Studio via the Scailable Cloud Platform. The Scailable AI Manager can be installed on any Advantech NVIDIA device using Allxon.

For detailed instructions on setting up your device with the Scailable AI Manager, see this tutorial:

For a end-to-end guide on integrating your Edge Impulse model to the Scailable Cloud Platform, and deploying your Edge Impulse model to your product device, see these tutorials:

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