This website contains projects built by the Edge Impulse Expert Network.

There are computer vision, audio classification, anomaly detection, gesture recognition, robotics, environmental and spacial awareness use cases and more, covering a wide variety of hardware, sensors, and devices.

As you browse the projects, be sure to make note that many of them could be adapted to use other hardware targets, sensors, or add-ons. If you have any questions, simply let us know over on the forum.

Table of Contents

Prototype and Concept Projects

Image Projects

Computer vision projects that make use of image classification, object detection, or other tasks performed by a camera and machine learning.

Audio Projects

Audio classification, keyword spotting, wakeword detection, or other machine learning tasks leveraging a microphone and audio data.

Predictive Maintenance & Fault Classification

Projects devoted to the use of sensors, audio, or image data specific to the predictive maintenance use-case.

Accelerometer & Activity Projects

Gestures, movements, and other motions classified by machine learning models to identify or take action when detected.

Air Quality & Environmental Projects

Using machine learning to predict, understand, or identify information in the air or environment.

Novel Sensor Projects

Software Integration Demos

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