Python Sdk

The official Python SDK for Edge Impulse is designed to help machine learning practitioners build and deploy models for embedded hardware and edge AI applications.

  • Profile your model to estimate RAM, ROM, and inference speed

  • Convert your model to C++ to deploy on edge hardware

  • Interact with Edge Impulse projects to collect data, train models, and deploy them to edge devices

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List of versions and changes can be found in this changelog.

Getting Started

Install the Edge Impulse Python SDK:

pip install edgeimpulse

Estimate RAM, ROM, and inference speed for a variety of hardware platforms:

import edgeimpulse as ei

# Change to an API key from your Edge Impulse project
ei.API_KEY = "your-api-key"

# Print inference estimates
result = ei.model.profile(model="path/to/model")

To learn about the full functionality, see the resources below.


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