experimental package



class edgeimpulse.experimental.EdgeImpulseApi(
		host: Optional[str= None,
		key: Optional[str= None,
		key_type: str = 'api'

Initialize the Edge Impulse Api.


  • host: Optional[str] = None

  • key: Optional[str] = None

  • key_type: str = 'api'

Instance variables

  • classify: edgeimpulse_api.api.classify_api.ClassifyApi Classify samples in your project.

  • client: edgeimpulse_api.api_client.ApiClient The client used for initializing the apis, use set_client to update the client.

  • deployment: edgeimpulse_api.api.deployment_api.DeploymentApi Work with your model deployment targets.

  • devices: edgeimpulse_api.api.devices_api.DevicesApi Work with devices in your project.

  • dsp: edgeimpulse_api.api.dsp_api.DSPApi Work with (DSP) digital signal processing and feature extraction blocks in your project.

  • export: edgeimpulse_api.api.export_api.ExportApi Export your project.

  • feature_flags: edgeimpulse_api.api.feature_flags_api.FeatureFlagsApi Enable and disable feature flags.

  • host: Optional[str] Edge Impulse studio host (defaults to production).

  • impulse: edgeimpulse_api.api.impulse_api.ImpulseApi Work and manage your Impulse (on-device feature extraction and classification pipeline).

  • jobs: edgeimpulse_api.api.jobs_api.JobsApi Start and manage long running jobs.

  • learn: edgeimpulse_api.api.learn_api.LearnApi Work with keras and pretrained models.

  • login: edgeimpulse_api.api.login_api.LoginApi Login and authenticate.

  • optimization: edgeimpulse_api.api.optimization_api.OptimizationApi Optimize and find a better model with the EON tuner.

  • organization_blocks: edgeimpulse_api.api.organization_blocks_api.OrganizationBlocksApi Work with organization blocks.

  • organization_create_project: edgeimpulse_api.api.organization_create_project_api.OrganizationCreateProjectApi Automate project creation for organizations.

  • organization_data: edgeimpulse_api.api.organization_data_api.OrganizationDataApi Work with organization data.

  • organization_data_campaigns: edgeimpulse_api.api.organization_data_campaigns_api.OrganizationDataCampaignsApi Work with organization data campaigns.

  • organization_jobs: edgeimpulse_api.api.organization_jobs_api.OrganizationJobsApi Start and manage organization jobs.

  • organization_pipelines: edgeimpulse_api.api.organization_pipelines_api.OrganizationPipelinesApi Work with organization pipelines.

  • organization_portals: edgeimpulse_api.api.organization_portals_api.OrganizationPortalsApi Create and manage organization portals.

  • organizations: edgeimpulse_api.api.organizations_api.OrganizationsApi Work with your organizations.

  • performance_calibration: edgeimpulse_api.api.performance_calibration_api.PerformanceCalibrationApi Calibrate your model performance with real world data.

  • projects: edgeimpulse_api.api.projects_api.ProjectsApi Create and manage your projects.

  • raw_data: edgeimpulse_api.api.raw_data_api.RawDataApi Work with your project data.

  • upload_portal: edgeimpulse_api.api.upload_portal_api.UploadPortalApi Create and manage data upload portals.

  • user: edgeimpulse_api.api.user_api.UserApi Manage user activation, creation and updates.



		key: str,
		key_type: str = 'api',
		host: Optional[str= None
)> None

Authenticate against Edge Impulse.


  • self

  • key: str

  • key_type: str = 'api'

  • host: Optional[str] = None