C++ inferencing SDK

The C++ inferencing SDK is a portable library for digital signal processing and machine learning inferencing, and it contains native implementations for both processing and learning blocks in Edge Impulse. It is written in C++11 with all dependencies bundled, and can be built on both desktop systems and on microcontrollers. The SDK is located on GitHub: edgeimpulse/inferencing-sdk-cpp.

Using the SDK

The easiest way of developing against the SDK is to use the Deployment page in the Edge Impulse studio. Deploying your impulse bundles all blocks, configuration and the SDK into a single package. To run the deployed package on your machine or embedded device, see the Running your impulse locally tutorials.

Hardware-optimized code

The SDK contains an implementation of all algorithms in software, but you can optionally output hardware-optimized code. For example, on Cortex-M microcontrollers we leverage CMSIS-DSP to optimize certain vector operations. These optimizations are selected at compile time in config.hpp, and mostly live in numpy.hpp. If you want to add optimizations for a new target this would be a good place to start. We welcome contributions!

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