typedef struct {
    const char *label;
    float value;
} ei_impulse_result_classification_t;

Brief: Holds a particular class's label and the associated confidence score after running inference

Location: edge-impulse-sdk/classifier/ei_classifier_types.h

When performing inference for a classification task, the output of the model is given as a confidence score for each of the possible classes. Assuming the softmax function is used as the final layer in the model, each score must be between [0.0..1.0] and the sum of all the scores must equal 1.0.

ei_impulse_result_classification_t holds the label and confidence score for each class after inference is performed. The results of inference will be an array of ei_impulse_result_classification_t structs with EI_CLASSIFIER_LABEL_COUNT elements.


  • label - Pointer to a character array describing the associated class of the given bounding box. Taken from one of the elements of ei_classifier_inferencing_categories[].
  • value - Confidence score that the input raw data belongs to the given class.