Keyword spotting

This is a prebuilt dataset for a keyword spotting system based on a subset of data in the Google Speech Commands Dataset, with added noise from the Microsoft Scalable Noisy Speech Dataset. It contains 25 minutes of data per class, split up in 1 second windows, sampled at 16,000Hz. The dataset contains:

  • Yes - one second samples with only the word "yes" in it.

  • No - one second samples with only the word "no" in it.

  • Unknown - one second samples of other words.

  • Noise - one second samples of background or static noise.

Importing this dataset

You can import this dataset to your Edge Impulse project through the Uploader in the studio, or via the CLI (docs). First:

  1. Download the keywords dataset.

  2. Unzip the file in a location of your choice.


Importing using the studio

Go to Data acquisition and click on the 'Upload icon'. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Or, import with the CLI

Open a terminal or command prompt, and navigate to the place where you extracted the file. Then run:

$ edge-impulse-uploader --clean
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label noise --category split noise/*.wav
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label unknown --category split unknown/*.wav
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label no --category split no/*.wav
$ edge-impulse-uploader --label yes --category split yes/*.wav

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